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How to Do Singapore’s Chinatown Like A Local

How to Do Singapore’s Chinatown Like A Local: Singapore is the world’s most visited Country with a variety of activities to do. If you are planning to visit amazing Singapore, then you might probably want to know things to do in Singapore. Well, Singapore is full of different types of places, museums, recording studios, restaurants, buildings, roof-top swimming pools and much more for the tourists. Besides this, Singapore is also known for its Chinatown where you can explore the real culture of Singapore. Singapore Chinatown is an area to showcase the heritage site of the country which makes it the must visit and explore the place.

How to Do Singapore’s Chinatown Like A Local

Singapore’s Chinatown

If you want to know more about Singapore’s Chinatown, then click here for details. You can explore the heritage of the country with different types of traditional cuisines. A series of Chinese, Buddhist and Hindus temples add more spirituality to your visit. Here, we have listed down all the activities to helps you do Singapore’s Chinatown like a local.

Things to do in Singapore’s Chinatown

1. Try out various Singapore’s Food dishes

Singaporeans love to try out different foods, and you too can become a part of this. While your visit to the Chinatown, you will see numerous restaurants which serves delicious foods. There are so many Indian, Chinese, Malay and other cuisines available for tourists. As per your taste, you can order the right dishes and can fill up your tummy before exploring the places.

2. Jump on the Train

To explore the heritage site of Singapore, you can ride on the train to visit different nearby locations. You can buy an EZ-link card which lets you travel on the train as many times as you want. It’s hassle-free and affordable instead of hiring a cab.

Additionally, you can also opt for Singapore Tourist Pass which lets you travel through the train unlimitedly. It’s more cost-effective and pretty simple system; anyone can start using it during their visit to amazing Singapore.

3. Spend time in the Museum

Head yourself towards Civic District of Singapore where you will find out many museums of Singapore. You will see historical things in the museum with full details. This is a must visit place in the Singapore’ Chinatown to know about the history of the country.

Besides this, you can also visit Singapore’s new cultural icon named as the National Gallery. It is located near the Supreme court building.

4. Refresh yourself with some Refreshments

Being World’s capital Business hub, Singapore serves world-class services to all the tourists. You can visit trendy cafes with your loved ones. You can try out different types of cold-drinks, shakes, coffees and a variety of drinks from the local cafes. If you are a big fan of Starbucks, you will find out many Starbucks cafes around the country.

5. Chinatown Street Market

Singapore’s Chinatown Street Market is full of busy streets with hundreds of stalls. You can find out pretty much everything from the street market during your visit. Here, you will see thousands of products labeled Made in China. You can see a variety of clothes and other gadgets which you may have never seen before. Everything here in this Street Market is affordable so that you can buy the things under your budget from here.

6. Speaker’ Corner

If you want to spend some peaceful time with your children or family, then Speaker’ Corner is a place nearby the location. It is also known as Hong Lim Park. This is the only place in Singapore where you can find some peace. You have to follow all the rules and regulations before entering the park. It is a beautiful place to relax outside. However, you have to take permission from the officials first.

7. Singapore City Gallery

This place is a must visit one for the tourist who wants to know how this World’s business hub runs. The city gallery narrates the actual story behind developing this Island. Starting from its religion to handling the people, everything explains here in brief. You can find out a variety of artworks here with a proper description for your better knowledge. This Gallery lets you see the entire Singapore Island in a fantastic 3D Structure

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